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Nobby the Orca by Dr. Ingrid Visser & Kate Norton
Full color

All Proceeds of the purchase of this book will be donated directly to Orca Research Trust, helping to support Dr. Ingrid Visser’s conservation and research efforts world wide.

“Nobby the Orca” immerses your child into the true story of Nobby’s stranding, rescue and other adventures. Packed with real-life photographs and a wealth of accurate information, the authors (a qualified educator and a world renowned orca scientist), deliver a fun learning experience for ages 5 years and older.
More than an ordinary book about killer whales, its beautiful design provides a unique combination of fascinating facts and storyline which allows the reader to browse or read from cover to cover.

By engaging children’s brains and their quest for learning, this book will not only help build an animal vocabulary it also provides insight into the life of wild New Zealand orca. This is the perfect book for children who love animals and will help them connect to the modern natural world.

“A charming and fascinating book, just perfect for engaging children in the art of reading and teaching them to protect one of my favorite animals in the sea, orca. Protect the ocean and we protect ourselves.” - Jean-Michel Cousteau