EcoJoia believes in selling the best quality products, while maintaining a low impact on our environment. We choose to work with wholesalers, printers, and suppliers that share the same values. Providing merchandise made from organic cotton and recycled materials is a priority of ours, while keeping style and comfort in mind.

The organic cotton difference:
Traditional cotton farming is the world’s #1 user of pesticides and fertilizers, which cause immeasurable damage to the environment. Did you know that the average t-shirt made from traditional cotton takes 1/3 lb of chemicals to produce? Certified organic cotton is produced from farms that have been pesticide and fertilizer free for at least 3 years, keeping millions of pounds of chemicals out of the environment. Organic cotton products also tend to have a softer touch and feel, making for a better and more comfortable t-shirt, hat, tote bag, etc. EcoJoia chooses to carry 100% organic cotton t-shirts, and/or t-shirts made from recycled materials.

Water-based ink screen printing:
In our efforts to provide the best products with the lowest possible impact on the Earth, all new EcoJoia t-shirts will be printed in a more environmentally friendly process using water-based inks or phthalate-free soy based inks. Due to the nature of water-based inks, please be aware that those t-shirt prints will fade with time and washing.

EcoJoia is currently working with the following environmentally conscious suppliers:

  • Econscious
  • Anvil
  • Alternative Apparel
  • Royal Apparel
  • Port & Company
  • NorthShore Printing our local St. Petersburg screen printer