Superpod events are annual gatherings that occur on San Juan Island, WA, in mid-July and are open to the public. Folks travel in from around the world, and make their own arrangements for transportation, accommodations and free time activities such as whale watch tours, kayaking and other island activities. People attending are encouraged to make their arrangements as far in advance as possible since Superpod occurs during peak season on San Juan Island. The event features Pacific Northwest killer whales, including the famous “Southern Residents,” but also transients, whose numbers are on the rise, and who are frequently seen from boats and shore. The waters between the islands are home to Chinook salmon, the Southern Resident killer whales’ favorite food. J,K, and L pods congregate each summer in a “Superpod gathering.” Thus, this event is both a gathering of killer whales and “whale people,” complete with annual customs, and festivities.