PangeaSeed is a Tokyo-based grassroots organization dedicated to educating and raising international awareness on the plight of sharks. Through volunteer activism and various mediums including art, music, film, and photography, PangeaSeed aims to create an open dialog with the global community to develop an understanding of the need to preserve and protect sharks and their habitat.

Every year humans kill more than one hundred million sharks by longlines, sport fishing, or by the cruel and brutal practice known as shark finning. Hooked sharks are hauled onto boats where their fins are sliced off while they are still alive. Unable to swim, these helpless animals are tossed back into the sea where they sink to the bottom and die an agonizing death.

In 2009, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reported more than 1/3 of all open water sharks are in danger. And of the 400 shark species found, more than 100 are endangered, with many so over-exploited it may be impossible for them to ever recover.

Sharks are the architects of the oceans evolving over 450 millions years balancing the marine food chain as a top apex predator. And as you may know, Mother Nature needs an apex predator to keep the food chain healthy otherwise fish stocks will deplete, potentially causing a food shortage for humans. Today over one billion people on the planet rely on the ocean for food - - if that food source disappears, imagine the problems we’ll face. Considering the ocean generates 70% of the oxygen we breath, our survival depends on the health and balance of the oceans and all marine life that inhabits it.

PangeaSeed is the first organization in Japan to raise public awareness regarding shark conservation and preservation and rely on the generosity of their supporters.

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