Portland Cancer Fund the story of Potland

The brain child of Keith and Kery Shaw. Portland their Golden Retriever was diagnosed with cancer and nearly $9000.00 in expenses. Unfortunately this would be a death sentence for most animals.


Our Story: Meet Portland aka PDX, our beloved Golden Retriever. Recently, he was diagnosed with cancer. Treatment already has cost us several thousands of dollars. Porty is the love of our life, and is adored by his brother,Victory and sister, Gracie. Portland made it through his surgery which allowed him to celebrate his 5th birthday. Golden retrievers can live anywhere from 8-12 years. Portland has a lot of life in him still. We found him in a small mom and pop owned pet store when we lived on the east coast and fell in love with him immediately, but we had no idea the extent of the genetic disorders that could come with pure breeds. We have moved cross country together, been on several road trips and do pretty much everything together. Our animals are our children and for that reason, we would do anything for them. What my husband and I have experienced we hope that no family ever has to go through. This is the second time we have had to deal with extensive medical issues with our beloved animals. It is so scary and stressful. Most people may feel as though they are a lone. The truth is that as long as pure breeds exist people will need help. Given our experiences we would like to help other families at Portland’s treatment center, Veterinary Specialty Hospital. We have met several people who our hearts go out to. People have been so kind and generous to our family. Keith and I just wish to pay it forward, in addition to spreading awareness, which is why we created these shirts. Proceeds from the shirt sales will go to paying off the rest of his chemo therapy treatment and the rest will be donated to a family at his hospital. We thank you for your support!

Much Love & Gratitude

Kery & Keith

As a proud partner The Portland Cancer Fund, EcoJoia provides fun and creative merchandise to support Portland and dogs like him. 25% of every sale of EcoJoia’s Portlands Cancer Fund merchandise is donated directly to the cause.