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Congratulations and Thank You to all the entrants and winners of the Lolita 45 design contest.

It was a tough decision. So much so that we couldn't pick just one to be the winner. So we didn't. We have two designs to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Lolita's capture.

Our first place winners Thayne Yazzie and Andrea Bosiger have totally different designs. Thayne's hand drawn image of Lolita is delicate and intricate. While Andrea's design is bold and clear. Both will look amazing on a shirt.

Second place goes to Tasli Shaw's haunting design. Tasli took the time to make sure Lolita and her pod's marking are as accurate as life. Imagine Lolita actually swimming with her pod - wouldn't that just be amazing?!

Third place is awarded to Lindsey Lucchesi and her chain breaking design. We loved the imagery and brightness of Lindsey's design. So eye-catching and full of life - like Lolita.

And we couldn't leave out Sequoia Globke's design as an honorable mention.

All of the entries were amazing and we appreciate the time and effort that went into each one. Thank you for your support.


The date: August 8, 1970

The location: Penn Cove

The orca: Tokitae, also known as Lolita

This August marks the 45th anniversary of Lolita's capture from her pod. A pod that still travels the waters of Penn Cove off the coast of Washington. Lolita has spent over 43 of those 45 years in service as an entertainer at the Miami Seaquarium. She is the last survivor of 45 Southern Resident orcas captured in Washington state during the capture era of the 1960s and 70s. Thankfully today those captures are banned. EcoJoia, along with Orca Network, invite you to create a shirt design that celebrates Lolita and all her glory during this infamous time. From May 1 - June 30, submissions will be accepted for designs. On July 6, EcoJoia and Howard Garrett of Orca Network will announce one winner whose design will then be featured online and produced for a limited edition shirt.

Designs can be emailed to Lolita45@ecojoia.com 

More information about Lolita and her capture can be found at www.orcanetwork.org

Lolita45 T-Shirt Design Contest Official Rules

By participation in the contest, artist, that’s you, accepts and agrees to comply with these Official Rules. Eligibility:

Anyone, anywhere is welcome to participate. This contest is open to all artists, professionals, amateurs, students, activists, whatever you call yourself. All we ask is that if you’re under 18 years old, your parent or guardian submit the design on your behalf.


We need to know who you are in case you win. So please submit a completed official entry form and include it with your design.

We know that sometimes creativity can have a mind of its own. That’s why we are letting you submit up to three, yes 3, designs. But we ask that you complete a separate entry form for each submission. Again, we can’t let you know you won if we don’t know how to reach you.

Once you have created your masterpiece and completed your entry form, you need to email a PDF, AI, PSD, EPS, TIFF or JPG of it to Lolita45@ecojoia.com. See how we incorporated the 45-year anniversary into the email address there? Nice huh?

We do ask that the files size not exceed 10MB. If it’s more than that there is a chance it will never make it through the email servers and then where will you be? So keep it manageable. Now for some legal mumbo jumbo.

By entering this contest the artist, again that’s you, acknowledges, agrees and understands that if your design wins it will become the exclusive property of EcoJoia, LLC, which retains exclusive rights to the reproduction of the design and the submitting artist relinquishes all rights to such design. That’s so we can put your cool design on a shirt and sell that shirt for the cause but we promise to send you one.

The artist, still you, acknowledges that the entry design is: (a) wholly original; (b) does not incorporate or include any material that would require the consent of any third party; and (c) does not violate any copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right, or any other right of any third party. EcoJoia, LLC shall have the right to edit, composite, scan, duplicate or alter the entry design without the need for any further compensation, and/or permission. Be warned, submissions including offensive language, imagery or themes will be excluded from competition. So keep it clean. We’re a family business.

All graphics should be designed for a single-sided, centered screen-printed placement.

Deadline for entries: You must submit your design by 11:59:59 PM, Tuesday, June 30, 2015. Not one second later!!!

Approval of designs: We get to have all the fun and review all the entry designs to make sure they comply with these rules. Once approved, designs will be posted in a special album on our Facebook page and shared via Twitter and Instagram. This way you can show all your friends how cool you are.

Selection of winner: All eligible designs will be reviewed and considered by the owners of EcoJoia, LLC, Carrie Burns and Tim Burns, along with Howard Garrett of Orca Network, and a winning design will be selected no later than Monday, July 6, 2015. Cue 15 minutes of fame!!!