In Defense of Animals is 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission to end animal exploitation, cruelty, and abuse by protecting and advocating for the rights, welfare, and habitats of animals, as well as to raise their status beyond mere property, commodities, or things.

In Defense of Animals has many active campaigns, including the following:
Help Elephants – Rescuing elephants from cruelty in the entertainment industry, zoos, circuses and other captive environments.
Fur Kills – Educating the public and contacting companies about the truth behind the fur industry.
Veganism – Promoting the vegan lifestyle as a simple way individuals can make a difference by not supporting industries that are cruel and inhumane to animals.
Wildlife – Protecting the natural habitats of wild animals such as gorillas, wild horses, elephants, exotic birds, and marine mammals, and to keep these animals out of captivity.

As a proud partner of In Defense of Animals, EcoJoia provides merchandise to support animal protection initiatives. 25-50% of every sale of EcoJoia’s IDA merchandise is donated directly to In Defense of Animals. View In Defense of Animals Merchandise or Donate today.