Free Morgan Foundation is a non-profit, registered organisation (in the Netherlands). Established in 2010 upon the capture of a wild orca, now called Morgan it campaigns for her release. She was captured by the ‘Dolfinarium Harderwijk’ in the Netherlands, then transferred to ‘Loro Parque’, an entertainment park in Tenerife, Spain, where she has to perform tricks. ‘SeaWorld’ in the USA has also claimed an interest in her for their breeding program.

Morgan was originally captured under a ‘rescue, rehabilitation & release’ permit, and as such a robust plan was formulated by leading scientists, trainers and conservationists to return her to her family. However, the captivity industry saw Morgan’s worth to them for their captive breeding program and they are doing all that they can to keep her, despite her obvious signs of stress and the fact that the other orca at ‘Loro Parque’ bully and harass her. Morgan, like all orca, was not meant for captivity and doesn’t cope well there.

The Free Morgan Foundation is fighting to expose this travesty and tell the world what is happening at ‘Loro Parque’. Ongoing court cases are just part of the campaign to help Morgan, but naturally the Foundation supports banning all cetaceans in captivity (and captive breeding) as well as capturing them from the wild.

As a proud partner of Free Morgan Foundation, EcoJoia provides merchandise to support cetacean conservation initiatives. 25% of every sale of EcoJoia’s Free Morgan Foundation merchandise is donated directly to the Foundation.

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