Earthrace Conservation is a non-profit organisation, funded solely through donations, dedicated to tackling the serious issues that threaten oceans and marine life around the world.

Whether engaging governments and others with the power to make positive changes that will protect marine life from exploitation and cruelty, or being on location with our crack missions team, ‘The Operatives’, providing assistance to countries facing severe threats such as poaching, we work hard to keep the oceans healthy. Healthy oceans are critical to the survival of all species in the sea and on land.

Everyone in Earthrace Conservation is a volunteer and even those who are unable to travel to take part in our campaigns around the world, work tirelessly organising local and national initiatives that educate and inform so that as many people as possible of all ages understand the importance of protecting our oceans and marine life.

Pete Bethune, founder of Earthrace Conservation, on the Eco Tribe "In recent times I’ve started to look at the conservation movement as tribalism. It gives people something bigger to belong to than just themselves. Humankind historically has been tribal but, recently, many societies have lost these familial connections. We’ve lost our natural tribes, being limited to small families instead, or in many cases not even that. So we look for other things to replace this. Following our local football team, national rugby team or some basketball franchise is one way we satisfy our tribal urge. The connections, though, are loose. We wouldn’t bleed our own blood, or at least hopefully not, for the sake of a football team.

"Conservation is uniting people in a similar way; however, the sense of belonging and contribution is much stronger. People are willing to sacrifice much more in support of their tribe. Further to this, their tribe is one of many sub-tribes making up the conservation movement in general. So all the conservation groups, including Earthrace, are all sub-tribes with converging values and ideals, and together we make up a very considerable tribe that is a growing and mobile force around the globe."

How ECO works Earthrace Conservation is a powerful fusion of direct action, knowledge and expertise, education, and most importantly, passion, which we strongly believe will grow into one of the most effective marine conservation groups in the world.

The oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface – they are vast. The scale of the problems and issues being faced by marine mammals and the habitats they live in is equally immense.

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